Materials Characterization Services

Material Characterization Services is an analytical service firm and one of N&U’s strategic business partners providing companies, scientists and engineers with the exact techniques necessary to meet their material analysis requirements.

N&U offers an extensive variety of testing services through our network of strategic partner laboratories located throughout the U. S.  Additionally, N&U has strategic agreements with instrument manufacturers, allowing us to offer analysis that are not otherwise commercially available.  No matter your analysis needs, N&U can assist you with appropriate solutions.  


You don’t know which technique to use?  N&U’s experience in material analysis, we can assist you to determine the best technique, or combination of techniques to solve your challenges and problems.


N&U uses a wide selection strategically selected laboratories to deliver services to our clients.
Some labs may steer you towards a less-than-optimal technique just because it’s available in-house.  But N&U will always choose the most applicable technique(s) to give you the answers and best solutions that you need.


We understand that the quality and accuracy of scientific results are imperative.
If results are questionable or don’t make sense, we will find a way to re-test or confirm the results using another technique.


We can help you to design an experiment to get the most out of your analytical dollar, interpret results, or synthesize data from multiple techniques.  While data from an analysis is important, what’s equally important is how it relates to your product or problem.

Logistics Management Services

At N&U, one of the value-added services that we offer our clients is logistics management services. We can manage the transportation and logistics for all your equipment purchases, from the point of origin to your designated named place of delivery.

We have strategic partnerships with a flexible network of logistics providers who have been carefully vetted to provide the best logistics solutions, with premium customer service and with the most competitive prices.

Some of the logistics management services offered by N&U:

  • Management & coordination of trucking throughout North America
  • Door-to-door international shipments including import customs clearance procedures
  • Export documentation preparation and review
  • Export packing and picture packing lists
  • Incoterms 2010 & 2020
  • Classification guidance and support
  • Cargo supervision at loading and unloading ports globally
  • Marine surveying for loading and unloading
  • Safety-focused

With integrity, rigorous mandates of safety compliance, and detail oriented, N&U Equipment & Supply, LLC is proud to deliver premium quality, value-added logistics management services using the most professional project management and customer interface skills.

Engineering Services

We have extensive experience in process design and equipment sizing for the Oil & Gas Industry.

We can help you with sizing or verifying the size of the equipment that you require for Surface Production Facilities such as: Separators, Treaters, Desalters, Slug Catchers, Heaters, Filters, Gas Dehydration Units, BTEX, pig launchers and receivers, I&E and other equipment and materials to complete your project.
 N&U also offers assistance with the selection of equipment for your specific requirements, prior to purchase.

We can write equipment specifications, equipment databases, data sheets and or any other technical document necessary for your purchase decision, applying the ASME, API, NEC, OSHA codes and guidelines as required.

N&U can review and verify the manufacturer’s specifications provided by the vendor.   We can do a full review and audit of the equipment purchased, to assure product quality and that it meets all the requirements of your purchase order. 

Experience in Supplies for the Industrial Sectors: Construction, Oil & Gas, Mining and Shipyards

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